Visual Games

Game I: The Others In Your Home Included in the course Film Director's Toolkit

The game is about using a camera to create an illusion. You will wander around an abandoned house with a ghost for a companion. The game has six game maps and six quests to solve in every room of the house. After completing the assignments, you will shoot first scenes for your film about ghosts. And besides, you will learn how to manipulate lighting and how to properly use camera shot sizes and angles.


What is Villa Dei Misteri?

Villa Dei Misteri is a new educational game portal. The educational games hosted on the portal are not barely disguised lectures or quizzes. They are real games. We have packaged educational content in such a way that for each player, the end result of a completed game is a unique creative product: a video clip or story, photos, or a film script. The target audience is 15-22 years old, with a preference for play over formal study.





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