How our games work

Our games resemble computer games.

All of them are also available on mobile devices.


Each game has its own interactive animated map. Some games have multiple maps. Every map is animated and has a soundtrack.


There are quests on the map that the player gradually completes in games with multiple maps the player is able to transition from one map to the other upon completing a quest.


The maps also contain mini quizzes with fun questions that will test your new knowledge and let you earn extra points.


Icons with useful information on a game's topic are hidden on the map.


Get points from other players

You are invited to publish your solutions on the portal's internal social networking platform Videmi Network, so that other players can evaluate it. You can refuse this opportunity and complete quests only for yourself.


If you progress in the game, completing all simple and interesting assignments, you will end up with your own creative product in the chosen profession.


A "winner's medal" popping up on the map indicates the end of the game


For each completed quest, you receive flags/ points from other players.


Earned points will allow you to buy special components for your avatar, which will help you create your own unique style.

Artifact and points

In your profile, in "My Artifacts" section, you will see a reward - an artifact of the finished game, and your account - all the points earned during the game.

Certificate of completion

After successful completion of the entire course, you will receive a Villa Dei Misteri certificate.

There is more to come...

When you complete the games, your participation in Villa Dei Misteri will not end. Go to Videmi Network to evaluate the work of other players, communicate with them, and to assemble your creative portfolio. Create your own clan of like-minded people and work on a big project together: make a film, clip, slideshow, or a comic book, etc.





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