To facilitate choosing a professional game that best suits your needs, we have divided all games into four main Spheres based on the user's perceptual style or preferred way of getting information:

Audio Games


Word Games


Visual Games


Polytechnic games


The polytechnic sphere is still under development

Professional courses

Each sphere is divided into narrower professional paths or courses. For example, in Visual Games you can find the following courses:

  • Film Director's Toolkit (the basics of film directing)
  • Photographer's Studio (photography basics)
  • Digital Art (web design)

Getting to know the basics of different creative professions will help you to get oriented if you are trying to figure out what you want to do in life. Or maybe, you'd like to try your hand at different professions through play just for the fun of it!

Not sure what to choose?

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A psychological assessment test identifies your perceptual style and guides you in selecting a game path.

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