Our methods

Each game starts with an introductory story, where the user is offered a specific role in the story. Having assumed the role, the player, following the chosen character, finds himself/herself in different situations-quests. A way out is through completing three assignments.

The assignments allow the player to gain new information and thus, move towards solving an underlying mystery or problem.

"Socratic" teaching method

This method corresponds to the "heuristic" or "Socratic" teaching method. The teacher does not simply pass on new information to students but rather guides them in their independent search and discovery. In our educational games, the teacher's role is performed by a game's character.

Your virtual teachers

Master Ung Moon

Being A Medieval Chinese

Grandfather's Ghost

Magic Cinema

MC MachoBravado

Street Freestyler

Winston Churchill The Cat

Winston Churchill's Selfie

ViDeMi Network

The player can practice acquired skills by completing assignments offered in quests and also, by actively participating in the social networking through internal Videmi Network. Here the player can post their own work, assemble creative portfolio, gather groups of like-minded people (clans) and carry out large joint creative projects.

To network

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