Visual Games

Course: Photographer’s Studio Visual games

Do you know how to take a flower with you without picking it? Which color is heavier: black or white? And what will the camera obscura show you? These questions are all about photography. Try your hand at photography by playing three games of the Photo Studio educational course and you will learn a lot about black cats, selfies, camera buttons, picture composition and invisible creatures that live under your sofa...

Course duration: up to 3 months

Number of games: 3

Topics: how to take a perfect selfie, best lighting and backgrounds for the selfie, snapping with a DSLR camera, ISO and aperture, the depth of, lighting and white balance, image composition, and the golden ratio.

The result: several perfect photos for your creative portfolio.

What you need: a mobile phone or digital camera (DSLR), and willingness to find the golden ratio in every mundane thing.


What is Villa Dei Misteri?

Villa Dei Misteri is a new educational game portal. The educational games hosted on the portal are not barely disguised lectures or quizzes. They are real games. We have packaged educational content in such a way that for each player, the end result of a completed game is a unique creative product: a video clip or story, photos, or a film script. The target audience is 15-22 years old, with a preference for play over formal study.





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