Word Games

Course: Storyteller’s Paths Word games

The course consists of two games - for poets and for prose writers. In the first game, you will learn that without metaphors, our world view falls apart and will learn how to use metaphors by trying your hand at writing Chinese poetry. By assuming a role of a hero/heroine in a romantic story that unfolds in the second game, you will learn how to best structure a narrative and keep your story under control.

Course duration: up to 2 months

Number of games: 2

Topics: metaphor in ancient Chinese poetry, metaphor use, a little about Zen Buddhism, how to write a story, and story composition.

The result: a love poem in the Chinese style, and a short story with a high chance of publication.

What you need: MSWord, imagination and talent.


What is Villa Dei Misteri?

Villa Dei Misteri is a new educational game portal. The educational games hosted on the portal are not barely disguised lectures or quizzes. They are real games. We have packaged educational content in such a way that for each player, the end result of a completed game is a unique creative product: a video clip or story, photos, or a film script. The target audience is 15-22 years old, with a preference for play over formal study.





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