Visual Games

Game II: Discover Tom Included in the course Photographer’s Studio

If you see best by taking photos, the game is for you. It also works if you want to graduate from a smartphone camera to a professional camera (digital or film), with many options and settings. As you play, you learn how to use a professional camera, seeing and capturing what does not necessarily even exist. It will be as easy as a child‘s play.


What is Villa Dei Misteri?

Villa Dei Misteri is a new educational game portal. The educational games hosted on the portal are not barely disguised lectures or quizzes. They are real games. We have packaged educational content in such a way that for each player, the end result of a completed game is a unique creative product: a video clip or story, photos, or a film script. The target audience is 15-22 years old, with a preference for play over formal study.





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